Can flavour be visual?

November 15, 2018

Food photography, food marketing, food pr, Instagram photos about what everybody is having for breakfast, lunch & dinner… We are bombarded by food images and videos but does it work? Does a good visual add flavour to a dish? Does a video have the power of changing your mind about what you are going to have for lunch?

Cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists are convinced that flavour perception is multisensory and goes far beyond our tiny taste buds. We perceive taste visually, by touch and also by sound in addition to our taste buds.

What we see has a great effect on our behaviour towards food and drink. A great food photo can make our mouths water and the sound of an opening can and ice tinkling against a glass can make us yearn for a glass of cold, fizzy soft drink.

We know for a fact that foods that have their pictures in a menu sell better than other dishes on the same menu. Many restaurant owners will tell you that customers come in and want the dish on the poster. Fast food restaurants are well aware of this fact thus the highly styled, cheesy & yummy food photography and TV ads of pizzas & burgers…

But how is your brand going to shine among the competition when the market is so saturated with food and drink visuals and videos? The secret is the brand strategy and great content. With a good strategy and great on strategy visuals, your brand can make a great first and lasting impression on the customer.